Mixed case (6btl / 12 btl)


‘To fully taste our ‘blossom to bottle’ experience we suggest trying our mixed case.  This gives the consumer a journey through the different fruit in our orchards, in different years and shows the range of ways we ferment and mature each product.

Start with:
the Perry as aperitif,

Move to:
the ciders for main course,

Finish with:
the Apple Ice Wine and Pom’O , with cheese and dessert!

Full Case (12)  Comes with *Shipping Free for Irl

**Please note: This Item is Unavailable in the UK, Shipping costs for USA & Mainland Europe orders need to be calculated,  

For more information visit our shipping page and contact us on info@killahoraorchards.ie


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Mixed Case

Half Mixed case (6), Full Case (12)