Rare Apple

Port (Pommeau)


From October until December 2016, matured on oak until late 2017, (although some snuck out to select food and drink wizards earlier this year!)

Aroma is subtle, spiced and give apricot, plum, and warm desserts.

Taste opens with a hint of acid and gives way to rounded fruit, toffees, with toasted wood notes in the background.  Hints of spiec and smoke with a receeding tannin towards the end.

While we have again gone for a balance, we erred ever so slightly on the side of robust in alcohol, to counter some of the soft tannins and sweetness in the apple juice used.

Bottle Volume: 500ml
Order Size: 6 x 500ml

Serving at 8 deg C or less as an aperitif, or at a warmer temperature for afters to bring out most of the dessert flavours.

We have it on great authority that our Pommeau and Blue Cheese, (or specifically Macroom Buffalo Blue Cheese), is a

Also pairs great with mouths!


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