Worlds first Single Field Cocktail?

December 31, 2017

Worlds first Single Field Cocktail?

Well, Google thinks so and Google is never wrong 😉

A little while back, one of our favourite bars was hosting a series of talks in advance of the Irish Craft Corktail Awards, including some great chats from Stephen Barratt of the Exchequer, Chris Hennessey from the Whiskey Bar in Kilkenny, Jennifer Nickerson of Tipperary Boutique Distillery, and Casks own Andy Ferreira…..and our own Barry Walsh, the Booze Geek of Johnny Fall Down.

Our subject matter shall remain shrouded by the mists of time and will live on only in the memories of the attendees 😉 but in advance of same we decided we’d try to do something unique, with the help of the pallets of Irelands best mixologists… use nothing but the produce from a single field in our orchard to make a cocktail.

So, we took the following:  Fresh pressed Rare Apple Juice from our Orchard in Killahora, (had just started fermenting so had a slight effervescence), Hedgerow Poitín, (made from our bittersweet & wild crab apples in the hedgerow, elderflower and gorseflowers), Blackberry and elderflower liquer, (fruit from the briars surrounding our orchard strained and infused into the hedgerow brandy for a few months with a little oak), and for a hint of sharpness, some of last years Perry pear vinegar, (which we had because one of use left the airlock off the Perry!).   For serving and for aromatics, we included a range of Eucalyptus leaves from some of the many varieties of tree planted alongside the orchard by Johnny Fall Downs Tree Geek.

Now to be fair we told the lads we were coming in with the ingredients, but to be fairer they had around 10 minutes to put together a recipe for the entire room, and only a few more to mix it up….but what a result!  It leant heaviest on the poitin, and the blackberry liquer, but the hint of live apple juice and subtle sharpness of the perry vinegar was fabulous balance.

We revisited the cocktail a few weeks later at the Macroom Food festival when talking with Bryan MacCarthy of Greenes, but checked Google again just now…..we’re still the onyl Single Field Cocktail in the world ever.

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