Not ‘another’ Award….’THE’ Award!

June 1, 2018

Not ‘another’ Award….’THE’ Award!

We actually do other things than enter Cider competitions you know.  We have to make it first!

But, absolutley thrilled to have received 3 medals and the Supreme Champion trophy for 3 of our entrants, in only our 2nd year of commercial sales, and our 1st year entering, (see what I did there….3, is the magic number).  OK, I’m a little over exuberant, sorry!

Anyway, our Wild Apple Bouché, which won both Gold and unanimously, (I’m reliably told), also won the Supreme Champion trophy was a long time in the making.  I’m guessing around 150 years in fact! This was made from a mix of our rarest wild apples from our oldest trees that hark back to the original 19th century orchard, (see back of our bottles for actual OS map from 1837).  We toned it down and brought it into the 21st century by adding a mix of the ladies, like Fiona, Lizzy and Gilly, a little bit of Jonagored made using some of our ice wine techniques to bring up the alcohol level and to take it down a notch in terms of acidity and tannins, and chucked it back to the 18th century again by using the ‘Method Champenoise’, to bottle ferment and disgorge,  (see, we do some work too!). This was it in earlier days….

Anyway thrilled to have it received so well.

We also won a Bronze for our ‘Le Johnny Fall Down’ –  Demi Sec 2016, a special edition of mainly French bittersharps and bittersweets, in honour of our maternal surname Corbett, which comes from Normandie.

And also a Bronze for our first year of making Poiré, a true testament to the land and the Oldfield Pear that was the bulk of this bottling.  We literally picked, pressed and bottled and didnt add a thing.  We are fortunately doing a nice batch of that this year in a Pet-Nat style so watch out for it.  And here is our blossom for next year…



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