Limited release of 2016 Rare Apple Ice Wine….

February 16, 2018

Limited release of 2016 Rare Apple Ice Wine….

So its out….eventually!  After many years of planting, growing, learning, waitings, tasting and blending we have arrived at a drink we think embodies the goal of what we want our orchard to produce. …our Rare Apple Ice Wine.

Something pure, unique & reflecting the land it was grown in, and that we think displays an ambition for what apples in a bottle can taste like.

Since more than one person has asked, ‘Ireland? Ice wine? What!?’, it makes sense to prem-empt with an answer.  We have a beautiful, south facing location overlooking Cork harbour that is on the fringe of the Atlantic, a unique range of over 100 Apple varieties, and a slow growing orchard that has over 200 years of history, (the OSi map from 1837 showing the orchard back then is reproduced on the back of our bottles).

While cider when elevated to the levels of some of the finest producers, (eg Tom Oliver, Cyril Zangs or Eric Bordelet), is an amazing drink that can, and should be appreciated like a wine, we wanted to create something that doesn’t presume people understand the unique nuances of a fine cider, (btw we make a nice cider too 😉

Rather, we wanted to create something that when anyone drank it, they would say, ‘wow, what is that!’  And in the search for that drink, we stumbled across the idea of making an Ice Wine from our fruit.  Needless to say, its taken a lot of work to understand the process and we’re still learning, but given the feedback we are getting on this batch, we think it has been a worthwhile, (and wild!), journey so far.

If you are interested in ordering, we are in the process of arranging distribution, but in the short term feel free to contact us at or ask your local off-license or restaurant to give us a shout!





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