Ice Wine

Rare Apple

Ice Wine


Picked in the 2016 season and fermented/matured until December 2017

Aroma starts with Apple Candy Floss, Melon and Plum Pudding

Distinct toffee apple, honey, and wood notes intially, with green malic brightness acids carrying through to the soft tannins.  Tannins fade to a subtle dryness while the acidity and tarte tatine notes linger in the background

The best words to describe this would be as a ‘Bittersweet Symphony’

Abv: 10.8%
Bottle Volume: 375ml
Order Size: 6x 375 ml

Serving at 8-10 deg C is where we think this works best in a small measure of 70ml.  As it warms it reveals more complexity and aroma.

Ice Wine is on the left, Pom’O on the right above.

We’ve had recommendations of Goats Cheese and Goat Blue Cheese, (the Ardsallagh Ash pyramid specifically), tarte tatin, pork dishes and even Indian Korma!  We woudl recommend as an after dinner because frankly there is very little that can follow it…’ll know what we mean when you taste it.

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